ESI Return- Overview

What exactly is ESI return?

ESI or Employees' State Insurance happens to be a self-financing health insurance and social security scheme for Indian workers. ESIC (Employee State Insurance Corporation) is accountable for managing the ESI fund at present. It will be imperative for all registered entities under ESI registration to file ESI returns.

What are the benefits of ESIC?

Various benefits are provided by the ESIC to the employees who have been registered under the ESI scheme. Below, we have mentioned some benefits:

  • It provides employees with unemployment cash benefits.
  • ESIC provides registered employees with medical treatment. It is not only helpful for the employees but also for their family members.
  • It likewise provides a rehabilitation stipend.
  • ESIC also provides facilities to females who are expecting their children. Female employees are excluded by the ESIC grant during this time.
  • Employees suffering from many ailments will also receive medical benefits from ESIC.

How to file an ESIC return?

1. Firstly, it will be imperative to go to the ESI official website which happens to be Now, a registration number consisting of 17 digits will be available to you. This number is to be used as the user ID and you will also need to type in the password given to you by the ESIC. Use these credentials to log in.

2. Next, go to the homepage and select the monthly subscription option. Following this, the “View RC” option has to be chosen.

3. After the “View RC” option has been selected, a screen will appear to you showing a list consisting of the employer’s wages details as well as the particulars of the contribution of the employer for the ESI.

4. Following this, you need to verify the details. While doing so, verify whether any short payment has been done by you for any employee. Advance further if yes, and create the supplementary challan. Click the “Modify Challan” option for generating the challan. This option will be available below the monthly contribution area. This can be used by you for making the due payments.

5. Finally, the “Monthly Contribution” section has to be selected for continuing with self-certification. Tick on the declaration checkbox in order to submit the return. Here, we like to mention that in case you have more than 40 employees, it will be imperative for you to upload the CA certificate in order to submit the return.

Is the ESIC return filing compulsory?

Yes, the ESI return file is mandatory for every single employee registered under the ESI. It will be imperative for the employees to file the return until the scheduled due date on a half-yearly basis.

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