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My Registration


Convert your partnership firm to LLP now!

Whenever some people want to establish a legal company, they prefer to create a partnership firm because it can create very simple and you have to invest minimum cost and compliances as well. But after a certain year or time, whenever a company wants to grow their business or they conflict with their other partner they generally want to convert their existing business into an LLP company.  Most of the companies currently prefer to convert their business from partnership to Limited liability partnership because here they don’t need to think about the partner's quantity because no-limit is there! With the limited contribution, they can run their business properly.

Why choose LLP?

LLP is completely body corporate and it is more formalized and it includes a proper business structure. If you convert your business from a partnership to LLP then you will get higher creditworthiness and its accounts and other affairs are very open. Once any company will choose an LLP company they will get different types of benefits from the government like tax benefits, rebates, other things, etc. Another best benefit is in this type of company, partners are not liable for other partners' activity and they can run their business more effectively. For any type of partnership business, a Limited liability partnership offers more benefits to every partner rather than a normal business. This type of business structure provides overall good benefits to your business and partners and it will also strengthen the corporate structure and create the flexibility of the partnership.

You should know that LLP is a separate legal entity and here you have to register with the central government. If you convert your business into LLP then you will get many benefits like…

•          You will get protection from limited liability

•          It has a wide scope of survivability

•          You can add an unlimited number of partners here

•          Very easily transfer ownership without any problem.

Do you know what documents a partnership firm needs to convert into LLP?

If you want to convert your partnership firm into LLP, the following documents you need for conversion…

  • You have to submit address proof of the office
  • You need regulatory authority approval
  • Need all the details of the partners and directors
  • Consent of all the directors and partners
  • You also need to submit the latest income tax return filing
  • NOC from tax authorities
  • Creditors and their consent
  • Assets of the partnership and certified liabilities

What are the steps need to follow?

If anyone wants to convert their partnership business into LLP, then they will get many benefits. Here, we are providing a complete step to step guide which helps you to understand the process.

Need all the Digital Signature for partners

In LLP every partner needs their digital signature. For a partnership firm, the digital signature is not mandatory.

DPIN/DIN required

Once you will enlist your business in LLP, your all partners or director will get one unique DIN number.

Make an application for reservation of name

You have to know the rules for the selection of LLP names before applying for a reservation of names.

LLP registration

You have to then proceed with the documents required for LLP registration and form filling.  The next step is to register the LLP agreement with MCA

Certificate of incorporation of LLP

Now, when the partnership firm is incorporated and the partnership firm is converted into LLP, then certification of incorporation of LLP is required.

Eligibility criteria

If you want to convert your partnership firm into LLP, then your all partners should agree with this, otherwise, you can convert your partnership firm into LLP. Second, you also need to keep all the details regarding your business-like tax filing or registration details.

Before applications there are some points you have to keep in mind like All the partners in your partnership firm, should be aware of the conversion and they all should agree on it. Every partner should contribute to the LLP always. The firm should clear its income tax return up to date. Within all partners, one partner should be from India. Before applying for conversion, the consent of all the secured creditors shall be obtained. Anyone partner must include a digital signature as well. Once you convert your business into LLP, the company will get many profits all the time.

Why choose my registration site?

If you will read this article from above you can understand we have years of experience in this field. we are one of the best online platforms where you will find digital services without any worry. we have an expert legal consultant and advisor who will guide you, provide you with advice, and help you to convert your partnership business into LLP without any worry.  We provide strong customer care service online and offline.  We have years of experience in this field and our all experts have almost 10+ years experienced.

we are updated and we know how to process all the steps legally and make the conversion more simple. You can sign up on their website or if you have already an account then just sign in and choose the service you wish and submit. We will also provide regular updates and we offer our clients hassle-free processing as well. Whether you have NGO, partnership business, or LLP company, we can offer any type of service you wish! Check and select the best type of service you are looking for. we already have many clients all over India.

we also charge standard prices or fees for our services. we will guide you, prepare all the documents, and submit and help you for conversion partnership business to LLP. Our main focus is to deliver the best quality service which lasts long. you can also contact us directly. On our website, you will find our phone number and WhatsApp number as well. once you will ping, our experienced executive will communicate with you and based on your need they will offer you the best consultancy service. we have many experienced advisors and consultants who can help you to convert your partnership business into LLP.