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My Registration

Change in Registered Office Address

Do you want to change your private limited company address? Here is the procedure!

The registered office of any company is the place where you can find all details and communicate about every related thing to your business. Besides this registered office, a company has other offices, such as corporate office, brunch, factories and more. In India, every company needs to register their registered office with the Ministry of Corporate Affair but the other offices can be opened by the company without any intimation to the ROC. So in ROC, you need to address the actual location of the registered office of any company. So if you want to change the address of your private limited company, then you must notify ROC within 15 days

Importance of registered office address

It is very important to have a particular registered office address of any company and you need to submit all documents for that. During the incorporation of any company, you just need to declare a registered office of that specific company. And for that, you need to require some documents to be submitted that are given below.

  • Property tax receipts
  • Electricity bill
  • Water bill
  • If the office place is rented then you must need to submit NOC from the landlord.
  • Also the rent agreement between the landlord and the company.

The address that is mentioned in the property tax, water bill, electricity bill must need to match with the NOC certificate and the rental agreement properly. But you need to remember that, the registered office can not be a building that is under construction but can be a residential property. As per the companies act 2013, if the company did not decide on any registered office during the incorporation process then there is an option for that, the company need to mention a temporary address.

Reasons for changing the registered office address

There are so many reasons to change a registered office address. Here are some possible reasons that we are going to share with you.

  • The company may be planning to explore new market areas for developing their business and it also may be that they want to establish a new office that makes their work more easily.
  • Or it may be the reason that the registered office rent is about to expire and the company want to take another office place as their new registered office.
  • Another reason may be the company improving fast and the infrastructure of the present registered office is not applicable now. So in that case, the company may want to change their registered office.

There are different processes to change the address as per the reasons.

Procedures to change registered office address

After declaring a registered office of any company, if there is any reason to change the office then you must need to intimate the ROC. And if the new registered office address is in the same area of the city or any village then it must be notified within 15 days of filing the relevant forms. So if you are looking for how to change address in the private limited company then you need to follow this article carefully.

A company can change their registered office address but it needs a proper intimation process. MCA provides some procedures for this and all companies need to follow them. There are some types of changing addresses. Such as,

• within the same state:

If any company want to change their registered office address within the state with a different ROC then the company need to apply for the approval of the regional director as per Form INC 23. After the approval, the same authorization needs to file with ROC. And within 30 days your address change will be confirmed.

• Within the same area:

If you want to change your registered office address within the same area then the process is very easy. You just need to arrange a board meeting regarding this issue. Then company need to submit a form INC 22 with the MCA and with this form you need to attach business address proof, NOC from the landlord if the place is rented and the agreement as well.

• other ROC in the same state:

It may happen that when the registered office address changed the ROC also changed. In that case, there is a different process to deal with it.

• to another state:

If you want to change the registered office address from one state to another state then the process is different from others. In this case, it is necessary to arrange a board meeting regarding this issue and a special resolution needs to be passed in the EGM. And resolution needs to be filed in MGT 14. Besides this, some steps need to follow. Such as,

  • The company need to publish an advertisement regarding shifting the office.
  • An application needs to submit to the Regional Director with the documents.
  • Within 30 days, the company need to file forms INC 22 to the ROC with the documents.

Some rules of changing address

There are some rules and regulations while changing the registered office address that every company needs to follow. Here are some rules for changing private limited company address are given below.

• if the registered office is owned by the company then the deed of the property will be required.

• if the registered office is rented then you must need to submit the rental agreement with NOC from the landlord.

• it is compulsory to attach the electricity bill, water bill along with the forms if any.

There are some more rules and regulations that are necessary to know before changing the address.

How MyRegistration will help you?

Once all forms are submitted with all the required documents then it will take 30 days to certify a new address. And all forms need to submit with MCA. There are some more processes and MyRegistration will help you through the procedure. So if you are looking for changing your company's registered office address then join us for more queries, we are here to guide you.