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My Registration

Annual  Compliance for Private Limited/ OPC 

Every year, every company including a private limited, limited company or a one-person company or the section 8 companies must need to file an annual return with ROC. As per the companies act, the financial year must start from 1st April and end on 31st March. So it is mandatory to file Annual returns. As it is the best way to follow up the consistency of information and documents that are the base of any company. And even include the balance sheet where you can find profit and loss consistency as well. And in this annual return, you can find some more information, such as an  certificate, registered office address, register of members, shares details, company management information and some more it will also disclose the shareholding structure of any company as well.


ROC for Private Limited /OPC

Is ROC mandatory for Private Limited /OPC? For this, you first need to know what is ROC? So ROC filing indicates the file that includes audited financial statements and annual returns by the company to the ROC. Under sections 129 and 137 companies act 2013, every company need to file the audited financial statements with the ROC. As per section 2 ( 62 ) companies act 2013, Private Limited /OPC is the company where only one person can start a company as a member and this will be registered as a private limited company. So ROC filing for OPC is very much mandatory.

Three forms with ROC

Normally a company is required to submit a file with three forms with ROC. Those three forms are given below.

• ROC forms MGT 7:

This form contains details of the shareholding structure of that specific company, changing the directorship or all details of the share transfer during the year if any. As Private Limited /OPC, require to hold AGM.

• ROC forms ADT 1:

This is the file of the auditor appointment.

• ROC forms AOC 4:

This form contains details of the balance sheet of that specific company, profit and loss account, compliance certificate and other document details as well.

Documents required for this process

For a smooth process, you need to submit the following documents accordingly.

• MGT 7-

  • PAN card
  • List of main business activities
  • Details of shares
  • Details of loans
  • Details of other security held by the company.

• ITR 6-

  • Sale and purchase invoice
  • PAN if the company
  • Bank statements
  • Credit card statement
  • Service tax return

• AOC 4-

  • Profit and loss account details
  • Director’s report
  • Author's report
  • Notice of annual general meeting
  • Balance Sheet details.

Why it is mandatory to submit annual files?

At the end of each financial year, Indian companies must conduct an annual general meeting. Where they must need to file an annual return with the ministry of corporate affairs. This is the way to maintain compliance. For the newly incorporated companies, this annual general meeting needs to be generated within 15 months from the date if incorporated. In general, this annual general meeting is held on 6 months from the end of any financial year. There are some valuable reasons that this is becoming mandatory for annual filing for tax. Those are,

• here are the details of principal business activities, particulars of its holding, office registration or associate companies.

• here you can find the record of shares, other security and shareholding structure.

• the details of the members are also mentioned here. So that, you can get to know the records of every financial year.

• the details of promoters or the directors of every company with the development management systems.

• details of the punishment imposed on the specific company.

• details of every certificate.

How MyRegistration can help you?

From the above, you now came to know that in every financial year as a business owner or as a company owner you need to submit annual returns as per the provisions of the companies act 2013. The process of this filing is very tough and as a business owner, you must need focus on your business very well. But this annual return is also very important. In that case, the Myregistration company is here to help you out. Our team members will help you to submit your files properly every financial year. Our expert will guide you through the process and with the best service possible.