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My Registration

Trademark Registration Online in India - An Overview

Trademark registration: needs of it and the process that may help you!

Suppose you are a brand owner and you have created a logo for your brand and also created a tagline for it. And with this logo and tagline, you start your business very well. But now you may be afraid that someone may use your logo or tagline in their businesses. Then it will become a very disappointing situation for you and you will think about what to do now! Right? So, if you notice around you then you will see that there are so many logos and taglines that are not used by anyone else. Because they registered for their logos and taglines. In this case, the trademark registration will help you to protect your creation.

What is trademark registration?

This is essentially a right that will give a person who creates any logo or taglines for their business. So, you may describe it as an intellectual property regarding logos, symbols, designs of any kind of products or services. You also can describe it as an identity created by any individual to stand out for any services. There are 7 kinds of trademarks, which are given below.

• Service mark

• product mark

• sound mark

• collection mark

• shape mark

• pattern mark

• certificate mark

Importance of trademark registration

This is very important for any kind of business in today’s world. So if you are a business person then you must need to know the importance of trademark registration. Mainly, trademark registration gives the right to the owner to use their logo or symbols and also no one can use their logo for any economical benefits. So here are some reasons are given below of its importance.

• It will give you legal protection so that no one can copy your logo or symbols.

• It will give your business a unique identity and that is a good thing to grow your business positively.

• After the trademark registration, it becomes an asset to that specific company. It helps the company earn profit in the long term as well.

• Once your logo is registered in the trademark, customers will start to recognise your brand as a well-known brand.

• It will also help you to global recognition as well.

Who can apply for it?

This is one of the most common questions that may click in your mind. So first let you be clear about it. As we already know that trademark registration will help your creation protect from others who may copy your logo for their business. So to protect your creativity you need to register for a trademark. Now the question is who can apply for this?

Trademark registration can be filed by any individual or any organisation or any private limited company as well. And it will surely surprise you if you come to know that an individual can apply for trademark registration who does not have any business.

Things to know before registration

So there are some important things that you need to remember before registration. Here we discussed some points below. Check them carefully.

• Before registering you need to know that this trademark is an investment for your business. A trademark represents the brand and also help in your business growth positively.

• Once you register for a trademark with some logo then it will be not so easy to change it. You need legal help for that. So be careful before registering.

• You need to be clear about the different types of trademark symbols are used. Such as,

  • R symbol
  • ™ symbol
  • SM symbol
  • C symbol

• lastly, do a quick research about the trademark registration process. This might be helpful for you.

The steps to registering a trademark

Every single person who is looking for registering a trademark is wondering how to do trademark registration for legal backup to their creation. So for registration, you just need to follow some processes or steps that are given below.

• First, you need to select your brand name and it must be unique. It may sound easy but this is one of the most difficult tasks.

• After finalising the brand name, you have to search for whether this name is already has been registered or not.

• Now you have to select the class for registering. And the class means the sector that defines your products or services.

• Then get ready your trademark application form with the required documents.

• Fill up the application form carefully and after that, you will receive the acknowledgement immediately.

• After submitting your form the register will check your logo or symbol briefly.

• Then it will be published by the authority and if there is no opponent of your brand name then the further procedure will be started.

• Finally, the register will issue a trademark certificate for your brand.

Document required while registration

With the trademark registration form, you must need to submit some documents. Those documents are,

  • A copy of the logo or symbol of the brand.
  • Goods and service registration certificate.
  • Properly filled application form.
  • Registration address
  • The details of the applicant. Such as name, nationality, address and ID proof.
  • Signature in the power of attorney.


As per the act, there is 10 years validity period and you can also renew the certificate for 10 years as well. But you need to remember that the renewal form needs to fill up 1 year before the expiry. The process of renewal includes so many things that you just need to follow.

How MyRegistration will help you?

If you read all of the points carefully then you must understand that the process of registering is not so easy. And as a business owner, you must have so many vital things to do or for the newcomers this process seems to be very difficult.

In that case, we will help you to simplify all processes. Our expert will guide you and make sure your work is done well. For further information, you can feel free to contact us at our official website anytime.