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My Registration

ESI Registration (Labour Compliance)


ESI or Employee state insurance is one type of self-financing social and healthcare insurance scheme for Indian workers. This scheme is managed by the ESIC (Employee state insurance corporation. This is an autonomous body created by the law under the Ministry of Labour and employment, Government of India. ESI is a health scheme that is good for Indian Workers. Here, within this scheme employees are able to get different types of medical and monetary, and other benefits. With this scheme, Employer and employees both contribute to making their health better. Under this scheme health of every worker or employee is safe and secure.


What is the eligibility for ESIC registration?

Any organization or non-seasonal factory who is running their organization with more than 10 employees (maybe you have a minimum of 20 employees in some state) and if your employee has a maximum Rs.21,000 per month salary, then they must be enlisted their name in the ESIC within 15 days from the date of its application. Once an employee will enlist with this scheme, the employer contributes an amount of 3.25% of the total monthly salary payable to the employee whereas the employee needs to contribute 0.75% of his monthly salary every month of the year. An employee whose salary is less than Rs.176 per day, just doesn’t need to pay from their salary any amount to the ESIC.

Sectors covered under ESIC

As per government notification, under section 1 (5) of the ESI Act the following entities are covered:

•           Restaurants and hotels

•           Different types of shops which include 10 employees

•           Cinema hall

•           Road motor transport establishment

•           Private medical institutions

•           Newspaper organization

•           Private coaching and educational sector

What are the documents required for ESIC registration?

As you will submit all the documents online, you don’t need any physical documents for this purpose. If you want to fill online form, then the following documents you need…

1.         You need a registration certificate for Factories Act, or the shop and establishment act.

2.         You also need to submit a certificate if you have a partnership company or a solo company.

3.         Articles of association and memorandum of associations of the company.

4.         Address proof of the organization

5.         All employee details

6.         Business PAN Card details

7.         All employee compensation details

8.         A canceled cheque requires on behalf of the company account

9.         If you have any shareholders, then provide their details

10.       And attendance of the employee.

What is the process of ESI registration?

Previously for ESI registration, you have to make manual registration. But now, you can make registration online. If you want to enlist your employee for ESIC registration, then following process or steps you need to follow….

1.         Log in to the ESIC portal

First, the employee needs to register himself on the ESIC portal. You just need to visit their official website and you will find an option “Employer Login” on the Home Screen. You just need to click on that and the online form will come.  Once you fill-up the form, on the next page, you will find the “Sign up” button and click on that. Once you will click on the sign-up button the employer will find the online form and they need to fill up the online form and submit it.

2.         Get confirmation mail

Once you will fill up the online form and click on the submit button, you will get a mail for confirmation. This mail will come to the registered mail id and the mobile number employer will add to the portal. This email will contain username and password details for registration as an employee and employer under the ESIC scheme.


3. Employee Registration Form 1

Now, once you will confirm the mail, you will be redirected to your ESIC portal and there you will find the “Employer Login” option. You will find this option on your Home Screen. Now, you have to put the user name and password which you received in the mail. Once you will open the page, this will redirect to the page having the option of “new Employer Registration”. Now, you have to click on the New employer registration option.

Now, you will find a drop-down list and you have to select the type of unit you have and click on the submit button.  Next, employer registration -form 1 will come and the employer needs to fill in the details. This requires professional knowledge to fill up and submit the form within right way! Employees need to fill up all the details like employer details, company establishment details, and employee details. Once you will fill out the form then the employer needs to click on submit button.

4. paid the amount

Once ESI Registration form 1 will fill up and submitted, the “Payment of advance contribution” page will open and here employers need to fill the amount they want to pay for their employees. They need to pay in advance for 6 months.

5. Final step

Once you have done 6 months registration payment process, then their system generates a registration letter (c-11). And ESIC will provide a 17-digit registration number as well. This is completely valid proof for employees.


Advantages of ESIC


Once any company entitled their employee's details in their ESIC, they will get many benefits like….


•     Employee able to get 70% salary up to if they take leaves maximum of 91 days in a year for illness.

•     Employee will get medical benefit and their family also get these benefits!

•     Women who are entitled to this ESIC can get maternity leaves and benefits both

•     If during work employees will die, then 90% of salary is given to their families in the form of the monthly payment.

•     Funeral expense also given

•     Also old-age medical care expenses were also given.

Now, if you are looking for an expert company or advisor who will take care of all the entire above processes on behalf of your company and enlist your employee details in the ESIC and payment timely, then myregistration is the best option. They have years of experience in this field and they can help every single, medium, and large size companies to enlist for ESI and provide the best benefit all the time.