Online PF Registration - An Overview

Representatives' Provident Fund is a standardized savings conspire that assists workers with sparing a little bit of their pay for future advantages. 

Each organization brings to the table its representatives an EPF or Employees Provident Fund which is similar to a retirement subsidize. EPF goes under the domain of the Employees' Provident Funds and Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1952. EPF enlistment is required for associations with complete worker quality of more than 20. Such businesses can select online PF enlistment from My Registration. Organizations can enroll for worker opportune store, in 3 simple advances: 

•    Free interview and structure filling 

•    Connect with a devoted member for information approval 

•    Receipt of PF number

Qualification for EPF Registration for Indian managers 

To be qualified for PF Registration, an association needs to satisfy the accompanying criteria: 

•    A production line with an all-out representative quality of at least 20. 

•    A foundation that utilizes in excess of 20 people. Here, the Central Government characterizes the class of such firms. 

•    A foundation that has under 20 laborers and has been advised of mandatory enrollment for at the very least 2 months. 

Organizations with under 20 workers (Note: Such organizations must issue a notification to the Employees' Provident Fund Organization in 2 months or not as much as that) 

•    The manager and the workers of a foundation should commonly consent to apply for PF to the Central PF Commissioner. A warning must be sent to the Official Gazette from the date of the understanding. 

Each worker is qualified for PF directly from the earliest starting point of his business. The duty of PF commitment and reasoning is of the employer's. 

How would we help with EPF Registration Online? 

The Provident Fund can be an incredible help, wellbeing, and confirmation for representatives as it offers a feeling of budgetary security to the workers. It is controlled by the Employees' Provident Fund Organization (EPFO), which is additionally one of the most notable and greatest Social Security Organization in India. They handle colossal measures of budgetary exchanges consistently. The way toward applying for the fortunate reserve is likewise not a troublesome errand as long as you have an expert to assist you with sifting through things. 

At My Registration, we ensure that you don't need to experience the lawful complexities of enrolling for PF. When we get the necessary data and the records, our specialists fill the structures precisely and submit them on schedule. Our group assumes the liability of subsequent meet-ups and conveys the PF number at the most punctual time as could be allowed. 

Documents required for PF Registration 

Any business that desires to apply for PF needs to present the accompanying compulsory reports: 

•    PAN card of the foundation 

•    Certificate of consolidation 

•    Cross dropped check of foundation 

•    Address verification that is for the sake of the foundation. It very well may be: 

       o    Rent understanding 

       o    Water 

       o    Electricity 

       o    Telephone bill 

•    Specimen mark of executives and approved signatories 

•    The computerized mark of the approved candidate 

•    In instance of deliberate enrollment, the assent of most of the workers 

In certain substances the hidden may likewise be required: 

•    First deal bill 

•    First, buy a bill of crude material and hardware 

•    GST Registration Certificate 

•    Bankers subtleties 

•    Record of a month to month representative quality 

•    Register of compensation and wages 

You simply need to gather the obligatory reports and send a duplicate of each archive to us. The rest will be taken care of by the productive group at My Registration. From documenting the structure to check forms and lawful conventions, we handle everything!


Enacted individuals from the UAN can find a workable pace past EPFO parity and PF commitment by sending an SMS to 7738299899 from their enrolled portable.