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My Registration

FSSAI Registration – An Overview

FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) happens to be a statutory body that was founded under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India. The primary objective of this particular government body is to look after the food businesses in the country and verify whether they stick to the rules implemented by the government. Their primary job is to eliminate food products which are not of good quality. This government body tries to make sure that the food is according to the specified standards.

How to build a FSSAI (Food License) India

1. Go to https://foodlicensing.fssai.gov.in/index.aspx, the food license India website.

2. You will find an “Existing User Login” area on the main page of the website, and there will be a couple of options below the “sign-in” button, namely “Sign UP” and “Forget Used ID/Password”. After clicking the first option, you will go to a page named “FBO Sign Up”.

3. Next, all the details of your FBO (Food Business Operator) have to be filled up. These particulars will consist of the applicant’s name, the name of the business, physical address of the business, mobile number, email ID, and so on. All these details have to be filled up. Make sure that your password and user ID are simple to remember as well as convenient, yet secure. After clicking the checkbox beside “I agree to the terms of use of FLRS”, type in the captcha code provided to you.

4. In case the password or username created by you has any issue, for example, if it is already taken or it does not satisfy the regulations of the site, you will be shown an error message. For example, the password does not have any capital letters.

5. A success message will be provided to you from the website after creating your account. After performing the FSSAI login, you need to make an application for a license within a span of one month so that the login ID does not become deactivated in the long run.

6. A confirmation email will be sent to you from FSSAI after you become registered on the portal. This confirmation mail will have your login credentials along with it. Always make certain that the mail is available to you in case you fail to remember your login ID. Fortunately, the FSSAI site will provide you with a Remember Passwords option.

7. Besides the mail, a text message will also be sent to you for confirming the message and also for conveying thanks to you for registering.

Laws and rules

1. Food safety is essential for maintaining overall well-being and health. The FSSAI defines the term “food safety” as a guarantee that the food will be acceptable for consumption by humans. Food safety considerations consist of the origins of the food such as food hygiene, the practices associated with food labelling, food contaminants and additives, and so forth.

2. Food safety is essential for preventing the entry of contaminants and microbes into food items and water. These will be causing illnesses to human beings, and they will likewise destroy essential nutrients present in the food. Many individuals die every year because of consuming unsafe food items. Proper preparation of food items will be able to avoid these infections and diseases borne by the food.

3. You will come across many opportunities for the contamination of food at present. The food supply chain consists of certain phases such as farm production, processing, harvesting, storage, distribution, transportation, and so forth before it is able to reach the consumers. Moreover, the globalization of the present food business is helping to make the food supply chain even longer while complicating the outbreak of food-borne ailments as well.

4. Food contamination has the ability to undermine food exports, livelihoods of the food handlers, economic progress, and tourism in developed as well as developing nations.

5. Food safety happens to be shared accountability between governments, producers, industries, consumers, and academia. As a matter of fact, everybody has got a certain role to play here.

6. Food safety happens to be multidisciplinary and multi-sectoral. It is important for various professionals to work together for enhancing food safety while using the best available technologies out there. Various government bodies and agencies consisting of agriculture, public health, education, and trade will be cooperating with one another while engaging with civil society consisting of consumer groups as well.

Benefits of obtaining FSSAI food license

Procuring an FSSAI food license will offer legal benefits to the food business, create goodwill, establish consumer awareness, guarantee food safety, and help in business expansion as well. Moreover, it will aid in regulating, manufacturing, distributing, storing, and marketing imported food items. It is quite simple to procure funds from investors once an FBO comes with FSSAI registration.

In case the food products have got the FSSAI logo on them, it will ensure that the food is of top quality. The display of the FSSAI registration number on the food premises signifies that the premises satisfy the hygiene as well as quality standards.

How does MyRegistration help people for FSSAI?

Any businessman that is planning to commence a business in the nourishment department irrespective of whether it is nourishment assembling, dispersing, building, or even handling, ought to enlist for FSSAI. These organizations will be screened by the FSSAI under the guidelines and rules recorded in the Food Safety and Standard Authority of India Act 2006.

With MyRegistration food license assistance, it will be feasible for you to procure an FSSAI permit very easily in only 4 fundamental advances:

•          Guidance on selecting the nourishment permit types.

•          Getting your FSSAI reports verified.

•          Filing the FSSAI application online.

•          Procuring the FSSAI nourishment permit.

Thus, do not hesitate and register your business with one of the top platforms in India at the earliest. And, the positive thing is that we will provide you with regular updates as well as convenient processing. For this, all you need to do will be to make an initial payment of 6,999 INR and the rest can be paid afterward after the commencement of the processing.

Fssai ( Food License ) State License Process Duration

  • STEP 1 - Consulting, Documentation & Filing

    • You fill in our online application. Our experts are at your call to help with any queries. • Our experts do a consultation on the type of license needed • We then collect the documents through email. • We double-check the paperwork. • Form A and Form B are generated for the actual licensing process. • We file it with the concerned authorities.

  • STEP 2 - Follow Up And Waiting For Approval

    • After the CS or CA has filed the application, we resolve any questions that the authorities may ask. • We facilitate the follow-up required by the food department. • Then there will be a 20-day wait period during which the government considers your application.

  • STEP 3 - Delivery Of License

    • Once approved, a digital and paper copy of the license is sent to you on the given address. • The procurement of the license takes a maximum of 30 days. The waiting period mentioned here is for a basic license. For the other two licenses, government approval can take a maximum of 50 days.