Add or remove designated partner (Change in LLP)

An LLP company or a Limited liability partnership is run by its partners. Partner will set the company Goal, vision, and mission and according to that company will run smoothly. Now, in this LLP business or company, a new partner can be added or an existing partner can be removed. Due to any problem or situation, a partner can be decided whether they will add or remove their partner as well. If you want to remove or add someone to your LLP company, then it does not create any effect on your business but it will create a good impact on your growth of the business. If you want to remove one partner or add, you have to take other partners' consent and they must agree with your views.

Some rules you need to follow!

With the consent of your other partners, you have to change the LLP agreement and applications to MCA to approve this change. You have to make an MCA application within 30 days of the effective date of the change. With the consent of your other partners, you have to change the LLP agreement and applications to MCA to approve this change. You have to make an MCA application within 30 days of the effective date of the change. The main purpose of an LLP companies’ partners is to work together and make a decision for business growth, day to day activities for benefit of the organization. As per Indian government rules for LLP, the partner can be designated partner by and following the LLP rules. An Indian LLP company can appoint foreign national people for their partnership business.

Reasons to change partner in LLP

Additional capital requirement

Whenever any LLP company need additional fund for their business, they prefer to add a partner. Whenever a company increases their partner, their borrowing partner of the firm is also increased with proper loan opportunity. Once a company includes a partner it does not include only capital but also increases the work culture, efficiency, and skills.

Terms can be changed anytime

As per LLP rules, the terms of business can be changed anytime. But change only happens if all partners are agreeing with it. Based on the partner's wish, you may change your partner or add someone new within your partner easily.

If the partner is not capable

Any LLP company may think to change their existing partner when their partner will not contribute the way other partners contribute. A company Maybe start with more than 2 partners and now if, after a certain time people found, one partner is unable to handle the business properly or unable to handle it, then other partners take a decision and remove it as per rules.

Below the Statutory limit

Every LLP company has to include a minimum of 2 designated partners. Now, if any partner resigns from the position and the total number of partners will come below 2 then you must appoint a new partner and need to change the position of the existing partner legally.

What are the documents required for adding or removal of partners?

If you want to add someone in your LLP business or remove someone, then you have to undergo some business process. Some legal documents also require making proper papers and need to register legally.

Following documents, you need for adding or removing someone…

  • Photograph - if you want to add someone, then you need to provide the legal person with a passport size picture.
  • PAN Card - You also need to provide a self-attested PAN Card of the partner to whom you want to add to your company.
  • Proof of residence. - You have to also provide proof of Aadhar card/Voter id/ passport or driving license details
  • Digital signature certification - whether you want to add or remove a partner, you need DSC certification.
  • LLP agreement - After taking all these, they will make an LLP agreement.

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