Society Registration-Overview

What do you mean by society?

A society happens to be a combination of individuals that have been unified by mutual consent for determining, considering, and cooperating for everyday purposes. The main purpose of registering societies is to promote some charitable pursuits like education, environment, health, religion, arts, music, sports, culture, and so on.

Society registration in India

It requires at least 7 individuals to create a society at present. It is possible for a society to be registered or unregistered, just like a partnership firm. Nevertheless, it is only feasible for registered societies to hold vested properties. Apart from Indian individuals, foreigners, businesses, and so on will be able to make a subscription to the Memorandum of a society.

It is the state government that is going to manage society registration. Consequently, it will be imperative to make the application for the registration of society to the appropriate authority within the state where the society’s registered office will be located.

It will be imperative for the founding members to give their consent on a name at first for the society in order to register the society. Moreover, they should likewise prepare the rules and regulations as well as the memorandum of the society.

Society registration – Selection of the name

While selecting a name for the society, one has to bear in mind that according to the 1860 Societies Act, identical or similar names of any existing registered society will not be allowed. Moreover, the proposed name should not also imply the patronage of the Indian government or any state government out there.

Memorandum of a society

Every single founding member witnessed by a Notary Public, an Oath Commissioner, Advocate, Gazetted Officer, Magistrate 1st Class or Chartered Accountant along with their complete address, plus official stamp must sign the rules and regulations of the society as well as the Memorandum of the society. It will be imperative to prepare, sign, and submit the subsequent documents for the registration of the society:

•           A duplicate of the Memorandum of Association together with a certified copy.

•           Covering letter signed by each founding member requesting the society’s registration.

•           A duplicate copy of the society’s rules and regulations together with a duplicate signed duly by each founding member.

•           Address proof of the society’s registered office along with a No-Objection Certificate.

•           Affidavit sworn by the secretary of the society or the president of the society declaring the connection between the subscribers.

It will be compulsory to fill the signed rules and regulations and Memorandum with the related Registrar of Societies along with the prescribed charges. In case the Registrar is complacent with the Society Registration application, he will certify to consider that the Society has been registered.

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